There are a lot of different reasons that people might want to have a micro wedding. In some cases, it’s because they can’t afford anything else. In others, it might be as an opportunity to try something new and different! Regardless of the reason for having a small wedding ceremony, you can still create a beautiful event without spending too much money or time on it.

In this blog post we will discuss 6 tips for pulling off your own simple and beautiful Micro Wedding!

Plan the event in a small space

You don’t need to have a large space in order to host an event. For example, use the lobby of your office building or even just one corner of it for your event. While you may want to avoid making plans inside your place of business if there’s no reception desk, it is possible that someone might be willing to let their employees hang out for a few hours.

Even if you can’t do that, there are other options available to you. For example, the lobby of an apartment building or community center might be free on certain days and times. The same goes for some park areas where local events take place – they may even let guests bring in food! 

Designed Dream provides affordable, beautiful micro weddings at the finest locations in Toronto, Ontario. We believe in delivering high-quality service with a personal touch to make your special day really one-of-a-kind. Our event planners are there to help you every step of the way, from the first brief through venue set-up and takedown on the big day, so you never have to worry about anything.

Use flowers sparingly and use greenery to fill up blank spaces

The florals are definitely the most important part of your micro wedding. They fill up space, give you color and fragrance, and can even hold sentimental value if that’s something that you’re into! So when planning a small or mini wedding , it may seem like flowers would be out of the question. But don’t fear–you can still have the flowers that you want! Just keep these tips in mind when choosing what to use.

Stick to neutral colors for your decor 

If you are working with a really tight budget, then it’s best to stick to neutral colors for your decor. This can help keep costs down because there is less overall color needed in the room, and if done right, they won’t look boring! Pairing white or cream linen napkins with bright pink flatware will make even the simplest tablescape pop.

Another option is to go with the color of your wedding dress. If you plan on wearing white, then there are so many different variations in style and lace that it’s easy to create a simple tablescape without having too much going on. For example, if you choose an airy tulle ballgown for your big day but want to wear a simple, neutral colored dress for the rehearsal dinner, you can easily pair it with white linens and greenery to create an elegant look.

Keep it simple with food options, such as cheese and crackers or fruit skewers

You can keep your wedding simple by serving cheese and crackers or fruit skewers as a food option. Avoid making food too complicated. Keep it simple by serving cheese and crackers or fruit skewers as the only option at the reception.

You should avoid overcomplicating things when planning your wedding, so make sure that you are not offering more than one type of food options for guests to choose from. Instead, serve just cheese and crackers or fruit skewers as an option.

Serve drinks from a punch bowl instead of individual glasses

– This is a great choice if you need to serve large groups. You can make punch very easily by combining seltzer water, fruit juices and other flavored drinks in the punch bowl with some ice.

– Another way to make this work is by buying large bottles of the drinks you want and then putting them in pitchers. You can even add some fruit garnishes for a nice presentation (and extra flavor).

– Take a look at Etsy for some cute vintage punch bowl options.

– If you’re going to be serving kids, buy juice boxes or cartons of milk instead of individual drinks and just serve them in pitchers with ice.

Have an intimate gathering where everyone can chat without feeling too crowded

There’s no need to rent a big venue. Have your ceremony and reception in one location, or do it all outdoors if you don’t mind the elements!

Keep things short and sweet. Micro weddings usually only last about an hour or two, so don’t go overboard with your reception activities!

– Don’t forget to make the most of the pictures – take some traditional photos as well as ones that show off your fun personalities together.

– Keep it simple and don’t go over the top. If you’re planning a summer wedding, skip centerpieces all together or just do bouquets of wildflowers as your only decoration.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in these 6 tips for pulling off an easy and beautiful micro wedding. It takes careful planning, but it can be done! The key is to focus on simplicity. You don’t need lots of money or time to have the perfect celebration of your love with family and friends that are important to you.

If this sounds like something you want help with designing, we would love to chat about how our call designed dream team can make all the difference in making sure your day goes smoothly from start to finish—all without breaking the bank! What do you think? Ready for us at work together on creating your own personal masterpiece? Call now!

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