You’ve already come across the vitamin C method if you’ve found yourself searching for ways to cope with an unexpected pregnancy. It states that abortion can be caused by taking massive doses of vitamin C supplements for a few days in a row. But does vitamin C causes miscarriage?

It seems like a simple remedy because in most grocery stores and clinics, this vitamin is easily accessible. And you’re getting lots of vitamin C from sources of food already, then what might be the risk?

Vitamin C is potentially among the best choice in terms of natural remedies for abortion. But that’s probably because it doesn’t do anything at all, and there’s no proof that it’s starting to trigger an abortion. Without any adverse effects, women who are pregnant routinely take vitamin C.

Does Vitamin C Causes Miscarriage      

No reliable research evidence showing that vitamin C has any impact on pregnancy, ovulation, or menopause is valid. The arguments that an abortion may be caused by it may have stemmed from a misinterpreted 1960s Russian journal post.

Vitamin C Abortion

A number of examples in which vitamin C contributed to abortion were reported in the article. But since then, this has not been proven in any other research. 

Furthermore, a 2016 study of previous research found that taking vitamin C had no impact on the process of anyone getting a miscarriage naturally.

Vitamin C And Pregnancy Miscarriage 

Vitamin C, also in high doses, is relatively harmless. Intravenous vitamin C is also available from several holistic health facilities. Taking too much vitamin C, at best, will leave you with diarrhoea and stomach pain.

In the medical world, there is still some controversy that it may raise the risk of kidney stones. Put simply, it’s probably best not to surpass 2,000 milligrams per day while taking vitamin C supplements.

It’s the lack of potency of vitamin C that makes it a dangerous tool for abortion. It is better to have abortions early in a pregnancy. Local laws can prohibit you from getting an abortion later if you delay too long or first try unsuccessful treatments.

There are some advantages of having an abortion relatively soon, such as:

  • lower costs
  • reduced risk of complications
  • shortened procedure time